What is Blackboard Ally and how does it improve accessibility?

What is Blackboard Ally and how does it improve accessibility featured

What is Blackboard Ally?

Blackboard Ally is a software solution designed to improve accessibility in the field of education. It is a tool that allows educators to create accessible materials for their students with disabilities. The software works by identifying areas in course content that may be difficult for some students to access and provides suggestions on how to improve accessibility. These suggestions can range from simple adjustments like improving headers or adding alt-text to images, to more complex changes like converting course content into different formats.

Why is Blackboard Ally Important for Accessibility?

There are many barriers to education for students with disabilities, and one of the biggest is the lack of accessible course materials. Blackboard Ally helps to bridge this gap by providing educators with the tools they need to create accessible content. This ensures that all students, regardless of their ability level, have equal access to course materials. In addition, Blackboard Ally helps to raise awareness about accessibility in general and encourages educators to think more deeply about how they can make their courses more inclusive for all students.

How Does Blackboard Ally Improve Accessibility?

Blackboard Ally works by analyzing course content and identifying areas that may create barriers for students with disabilities. It then provides suggestions to help educators make their course materials more accessible. Some of the ways that Blackboard Ally improves accessibility include:

  • Providing alternative formats for course materials, such as audio or HTML formats
  • Scanning documents for readability and suggesting modifications to improve readability
  • Identifying inaccessible images and suggesting alternative text
  • Providing an accessibility score for course content to help educators track their progress over time

What are the Benefits of Blackboard Ally?

There are many benefits to using Blackboard Ally in education. These include:

  • Improved accessibility for students with disabilities, which creates a more inclusive learning environment
  • Increased awareness about accessibility issues among educators
  • Opportunities to improve the overall quality and usability of course materials
  • Metrics that help educators track their progress in creating accessible content

Blackboard Ally is an essential tool for educators who are committed to creating inclusive learning environments. By providing suggestions for improving accessibility and tracking progress over time, Blackboard Ally helps to create a culture of accessibility in education. The benefits of using Blackboard Ally are multiple and far-reaching, including improved academic performance for students with disabilities, increased awareness about accessibility issues among educators, and the opportunity to improve the quality and usability of course materials. Incorporating Blackboard Ally into teaching practices is a vital step towards creating a more accessible and equitable educational experience for all.

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