The Directory of directories

It all started on a foggy morning with a passion for curation…

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Try robot vacuum, retro turntable, cirque, Back To The Future, tea kettle, electric scooter… We call it search serendipity, another word for delightful randomness. Sorry if you’re getting sucked into a bottomless rabbit hole. 

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Obsessed with classification

We’re born collectors but we like it tidy. 

We’re passionate about words, dictionaries, thesauruses, curation, classification, (properly) labeled folders, rich meta data, autocomplete search engines, masonry grids and swipeable carousels, old-school libraries, museums, archeology, cabinets of curiosities and all sorts of weird niche projects

So we decided to formalise our pathological obsession in an open-ended endeavour: the directory of directories.

Some of our picks will seem random at first sight but they’re all part of our strange online world, all scattered around a myriad of digital properties. 

We’re not Google, we don’t have hordes of expensive AI developers to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data published by almost 2B websites. But we have 200 billion human brain cells (i.e., two heads), some cheap automation tools (Zapier, Integromat, WP All Import,…), muscled fingers, a wealth of patience, a ton of persistence and a good sense of humour. This should do the job.  

Follow us into the ever expanding rabbit maze of the worldwide web. 

If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider offering a stellar customer support (available at all times via web chat), I advise you to consider Cloudways. Their built-in features (SSL security, browser and server-side caching) are easy to use and effective. I also love their onboarding flow, seamless and self-explaining. A great company to work with, highly recommended! used to be a micro website builder. We are now on a mission to build the directory of directories, hand-curating online information to facilitate search, vertical per vertical, leveraging the power of WordPress, Elementor – ACF – CPT UI – WP All Import and Google Sheets. You can learn how to create the basic components of a WordPress directory via our series of educational videos, available on Youtube.