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Check out our hand-curated list of common everyday household items. For each of these everyday objects you’ll get: a short description, the translation in 10 languages, a tutorial / demo video, the popularity trend on Google, the pronunciation, the 5 current Best Selling products on Amazon & much more. Enjoy our list of common household items! 

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This will show you in the list below the ranking of household items based on the volume of monthly searches on Google USA. By default they’re presented in alphabetical order. This will give you some ideas if you’re looking for things to buy for a new house. 

We currently have 1065 everyday items in our household essentials list, from 1459 different brands.

For each item you'll get the 5 current Best Selling products on Amazon (list updated on December 4, 2022).

How many different items do we keep at home?

Did you know that the average household has around 300,000 items?

We wanted to find out what are the most common household items in everyone’s home. That’s why we’re compiling an ever growing list of the best household products.  There will probably be 1000+ different entries in our catalogue when we reach the end of our curation process, room by room, activity by activity, relentlessly. It’s mind blowing to see how many different objects we have in our homes. 

Why do you need a household essentials checklist?

You will need a detailed checklist if you’re moving into a new house or your first apartment. It’s also good to keep a list of what you have to avoid hoarding useless stuff. You can regularly sell what you don’t need on Craiglist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

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