What s the difference between a regular hair tie and a scrunchie?

What s the difference between a regular hair tie and a scrunchie featured

Regular Hair Ties vs. Scrunchies: The Difference Explained

Have you ever wondered what makes a scrunchie different from a regular hair tie? Despite being similar in their function, these two hair accessories have some key differences that set them apart.


A regular hair tie is typically made of elastic material that is covered in fabric. A scrunchie, on the other hand, is made of a soft, stretchy fabric that is often thicker and has more texture than the fabric used on a hair tie. This difference in material can create a different look and feel in the hair.

Hold and Damage

Because of their material, scrunchies tend to be more gentle on the hair than regular hair ties. Hair ties can be tight and can cause damage or breakage, while scrunchies have a looser hold that allows for less tension on the hair. This is especially beneficial for people with thick or curly hair that can be prone to damage from tight hair ties.


Scrunchies are often seen as a more fashionable accessory than regular hair ties. They come in a wider variety of colors, patterns, and textures that can be used to add a pop of color or style to an outfit. Many people also find that scrunchies are more practical for creating certain hairstyles, such as messy buns or ponytails with volume.


While both hair ties and scrunchies are used to secure hair in place, they often serve different purposes. Hair ties are typically used for more active pursuits such as exercising or playing sports, as they tend to hold the hair tighter and more securely. Scrunchies are often used for more everyday purposes such as running errands or going to work.

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