What s the best way to store hair ties to prevent them from getting lost?

What s the best way to store hair ties to prevent them from getting lost featured

The Struggle with Lost Hair Ties

The struggle of losing hair ties is real – they always seem to vanish just when we need them most! But could the real problem be how we store them? Here’s everything you need to know about preventing them from getting lost.

Use a Hair Tie Holder

The best way to make sure you never lose another hair tie is by keeping them all in one place. Invest in a hair tie holder – they come in a variety of styles, from cute and decorative to simple and practical. Not only will this prevent them from getting lost, but it will also make them easier to find whenever you need one.

Keep Them in a Jar

If hair tie holders don’t appeal to you, keeping them in a jar could be a cute and practical alternative. This way, they’re all in one place and easy to access. Plus, using a clear jar can add a decorative touch to your bathroom or dressing area.

Use a Scrunchie to Hold Them

If you’re not a fan of hair tie holders or jars, why not use a scrunchie to keep them all together? Simply wrap your hair ties around the scrunchie and tie them in place. This method not only keeps your hair ties organized, but it also doubles as a fashionable accessory.

Keep Them with Your Hairbrush

Another simple way to keep your hair ties from getting lost is by keeping them with your hairbrush. Use a small carabiner to clip them to the handle or simply wrap them around the brush handle. This way, you’ll always have them within reach when you need them.

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