What is the best way to serve gravy from a gravy boat?

What is the best way to serve gravy from a gravy boat featured

Understanding the Purpose of a Gravy Boat

A gravy boat is a mainstay at many dinner tables and is used to serve gravy or any other liquid sauce. Its design is long and narrow in order to prevent spills, and its spout allows for precision pouring. However, not everyone may know the best way to serve gravy from a gravy boat. In this article, we will provide tips to help you serve gravy from a gravy boat easily, without creating any mess on the table.

Warm up the Gravy

Before serving gravy from a gravy boat, it is important to warm it up first. Warm gravy is much easier to pour and will not congeal on the boat’s bottom. You can warm up the gravy on the stovetop or in a microwave, depending on your personal preference. Once the gravy is warm, transfer it to the gravy boat and give it a quick stir to ensure an even temperature.

Use the Proper Pouring Technique

When pouring the gravy from the boat, use the proper technique to prevent spills. Hold the gravy boat by the handle with your dominant hand and place your non-dominant hand at the base to provide support. Tilt the boat slightly towards your desired target and pour slowly, using the spout to control the flow. Make sure to pour in a smooth, controlled motion to avoid spills or drips.

Choose the Right Gravy Boat

The ideal gravy boat should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from the spout, a gravy boat can have additional features such as a drip-catching lip or a pedestal base for stability. When choosing a gravy boat, keep in mind the amount of gravy it can hold and whether it is dishwasher safe, particularly if it is made of delicate materials like ceramic or porcelain.

Serve the Gravy Boat Properly

Once you have poured the desired amount of gravy, place the gravy boat back on the table or sideboard. Be sure to wipe away any drips or spills with a clean towel to prevent unsightly stains. If you are serving multiple dishes, make sure to place the gravy boat closer to the dish that it goes best with. This will help avoid any confusion and save your guests from having to pass it back and forth.

Maintenance and Care

Gravy boats need to be given proper attention to ensure they last for many years. Clean the gravy boat thoroughly after each use, making sure to remove any leftover gravy or food particles. If grease has formed on the bottom of the gravy boat, use a degreaser to remove it. Avoid using harsh abrasives that can scratch the surface, and instead, wash it gently with warm soapy water. If the gravy boat is made of delicate materials like glass or porcelain, handle it with care to avoid cracks or chips.

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