what are the dimensions of a legal envelope?

what are the dimensions of a legal envelope featured

Overview of Legal Envelopes

Legal envelopes are commonly used in the legal profession for mailing and filing legal documents. They are designed to fit standard legal-size documents, which means they are longer and narrower than regular letter envelopes.

Standard Dimensions of a Legal Envelope

The typical size of a legal envelope is 9.5 inches by 14.5 inches (24.13 cm by 36.83 cm). This size accommodates legal-size documents that are 8.5 inches by 14 inches (21.59 cm by 35.56 cm) with extra space for folding and inserting the document into the envelope.

Other Variations of Legal Envelopes

Legal envelopes are also available in other sizes to fit specific legal document needs. Some of the common variations of legal envelopes include the open-end and open-side designs, which refer to how the envelope opens, and the windowed design, which features a clear window on the envelope to display the address.

Uses of Legal Envelopes

Besides legal documents, legal envelopes are also used for other purposes, such as mailing contracts, certificates, and other important documents that require extra space and protection during transport. They are also frequently used by businesses and organizations for sending high-value items, such as checks, money orders, and legal notices.

Choosing the Right Legal Envelope

When selecting a legal envelope, it’s important to choose the appropriate size that matches your document size and other specific needs, such as the opening style and window design. Consider the type of documents you will be sending, the level of security needed, and the potential for damage during transport to ensure that you choose the right legal envelope for your needs.

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