how do i make an envelope out of paper?

how do i make an envelope out of paper featured

Gather your Materials

Making an envelope out of paper is a fun and easy craft project that can be accomplished with just a few materials. First, you’ll need a piece of paper (8.5” x 11” is ideal), scissors, a ruler, and some glue or tape. You can use any type of paper – printer paper, construction paper, or even recycled paper – so long as it’s a standard size and not too thin or flimsy.

Measure and Cut the Paper

Next, measure and cut your paper to the appropriate size for your envelope. A standard letter-size sheet of paper can make a rectangular envelope that’s approximately 4 ½” x 6 ½”. If you’re making a square envelope, you’ll want to start with a square piece of paper that’s at least 8” x 8”.

Fold and Glue the Envelope Flap

To create the envelope flap, take one end of your paper and fold it down to the midway point. Crease it firmly, then unfold the paper. Next, take the top and bottom corners of the paper and fold them in diagonally towards the center crease, creating two triangle shapes. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the top edges of the two triangles. Last, glue or tape the side flaps to the envelope to keep it secure.

Decorate Your Envelope

Once you’ve got the basic envelope shape, you can customize it with your own personal touches. Use markers, stickers, or stamps to embellish the envelope front and back. You can also add a liner to the inside of the envelope for an extra touch of elegance or use patterned paper for a fun and playful design.

Address and Send Your Envelope

Last but not least, fill your envelope with a letter, card, or small gift, and address it to the recipient. Be sure to include a return address on the envelope so it can be returned to you if it gets lost in the mail. Add proper postage and drop it in the mailbox or take it to the post office for sending.

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