what is an a6 envelope?

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What is an A6 envelope?

An A6 envelope is a common type of envelope used for various purposes. It measures 4.75 inches by 6.5 inches (120mm by 165mm) and is typically used for smaller-sized paper documents or cards. The envelope size belongs to the ISO 216 standard which is widely used around the world. The “A” in A6 stands for the A-series paper size standard, which is based on the size of a sheet of A4 paper.

Uses of A6 Envelopes

A6 envelopes are commonly used for sending greetings cards, invitations, and notes. They are also popular for sending photographs, postcards, or even small books. Due to their compact size, they are convenient for posting and can be used for personal and business correspondence. They can also be used for marketing purposes, such as sending promotional materials or having printed envelopes to enhance branding.

A6 Envelope Variations

A6 envelopes come in different variations that include gummed, self-adhesive, plain, or printed. The type of A6 envelope you choose will depend on your preference and the purpose of your mailing. For example, if you’re sending an invitation, you may want to choose a printed A6 envelope that matches the theme of your event. The self-adhesive envelopes are more convenient to use and don’t require a wet seal or glue to close.

Available Colors

A6 envelopes come in a range of colors from white, cream, and ivory to bright colors such as pink, green, and blue. There are also metallic and pearlescent envelopes available that give an added touch of luxury to your mailing. The choice of color will depend on the occasion or purpose of your mailing. For example, a cream or ivory colored envelope may be suitable for a wedding invitation, while a brightly colored envelope may be more appropriate for a child’s birthday invitation.

Where to Buy A6 Envelopes

A6 envelopes are widely available online at various stationery stores and retailers such as Amazon, Staples, and Office Depot. They are also available in most local stationery shops or postal outlets. When buying A6 envelopes, consider the quality of the paper, thickness, and color options available. Also, make sure the envelopes are compatible with your printer if you plan to print on them.

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