What are the best drum sets for heavy metal music?

What are the best drum sets for heavy metal music featured

What makes a great drum set for heavy metal?

Heavy metal is known for its aggressive sound and fast-paced beats. In order to create that sound, drummers need a drum set that can keep up with their playing style. The best drum sets for heavy metal are those that can produce deep, powerful tones while also delivering lightning-fast response times. Other important factors include durability, versatility, and ease of customization.

Pearl Masters Series

Pearl has been a go-to brand for heavy metal drummers for decades. The Masters Series is a high-end line of drums that deliver exceptional sound quality and durability. These drums feature five layers of maple with reinforcement hoops to produce a rich, resonant tone. They also come with Pearl’s Optimount suspension system, which allows for easy tuning and prevents the drums from choking at high volumes.

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B

Tama is another brand favored by metal drummers, and the Starclassic Performer B/B line is a popular choice. These drums feature a combination of birch and bubinga wood, which gives them a warm, deep tone that cuts through even the heaviest of guitar riffs. The Starclassic kit also comes with Tama’s Quick-Lock tom brackets and Star-Cast mounting system for easy set up and customization.

DW Collector’s Series

DW’s Collector’s Series is a top-of-the-line option for drummers who want the absolute best in sound quality and versatility. These drums feature a variety of wood options and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the drummer. The Collector’s Series also features DW’s True Hoops, which provide a deeper sound and more consistent tuning.

Mapex Saturn V

The Saturn V line from Mapex is a relatively new addition to the market, but it has quickly gained a following among metal drummers. The Saturn V drums are made from hybrid shells that combine maple and walnut to produce a warm, punchy tone. The drums also feature Mapex’s SONIClear bearing edge, which provides greater tuning stability and enhances the overall resonance of the drums.

Ludwig Classic Maple

Ludwig is an iconic brand that has been a staple in the heavy metal world for decades. Their Classic Maple line is a reliable and versatile option for drummers who want a kit that can handle the demands of heavy metal. These drums feature six-ply maple shells that deliver a clear, well-defined tone. They also come with Ludwig’s Mini-Classic lugs, which provide a more vintage look and feel.

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