What are some cool accessories to add to my drum set?

What are some cool accessories to add to my drum set featured

Cymbal Stacker

If you’re looking to add some extra cymbals to your drum set but don’t have the space, consider getting a cymbal stacker. This accessory allows you to stack two cymbals on top of each other, creating a unique sound and saving you some space. Check out Gibraltar’s Cymbal Stacker with Grabber Clamp, which can hold cymbals up to 22” in diameter.

Stick Holders

Keep your drumsticks within arm’s reach by adding stick holders to your kit. There are a variety of types available, including those that attach to the side of your drum set or those that clip onto your drum hardware. The Pro-Mark Stick Rapp Drumstick Wrap not only holds your sticks but also provides a comfortable grip for your hands.

Bass Drum Impact Pads

Protect your bass drum head and enhance your sound by adding a bass drum impact pad. These pads stick onto the drum head and reduce wear and tear caused by the beater hitting it repeatedly. They can also add some extra punch to your bass drum sound. Consider the Evans KP1 Bass Drum Pad, which is made with a dense foam and has a non-slip surface.

Snare Drum Stand

If you’re tired of having your snare drum wobble around while you play, adding a snare drum stand can stabilize it. This accessory also allows you to adjust the height and angle of your snare drum for better playing comfort. The Ludwig Atlas Pro Flat-Based Snare Stand is a popular choice among drummers due to its sturdy construction and adjustable features.

Drum Rug

Keep your drum set in place and free from sliding around by adding a drum rug to your kit. These rugs are designed to grip the floor and prevent your drums from moving while you play. They also help protect your floors from scratches caused by drum hardware. The Road Runner Tuff Hide Premium 5-Piece Drum Rug is a durable option made with a non-slip PVC backing.

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