What are some good online resources for drum set lessons?

What are some good online resources for drum set lessons featured

Drum Set Lessons from Drumeo

Drumeo is an online resource that has been providing drum set lessons since 2005. With more than 800 live lessons, over 4,500 on-demand lessons, and a library of performance videos, Drumeo is one of the most popular online resources for drum set lessons. The site offers lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, covering a wide range of genres from rock, jazz, and funk to Latin, fusion, and electronic music. Drumeo also provides personalized feedback and a community of drummers to support your learning journey.


YouTube Channels for Drum Set Lessons

YouTube has become a great source of information for many topics, and drum set lessons are no exception. There are several YouTube channels dedicated to drumming that provide free lessons and tutorials. Some popular channels include Drumeo, Stephen Taylor Drum, 180drums, and Mike Johnston. These channels offer lessons for different levels and styles, and many also provide equipment reviews and demonstrations. The advantage of using YouTube for drum set lessons is that it is free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


Online Drum Set Courses from Berklee Online

Berklee Online is the online extension of the Berklee College of Music, which is known for its prestigious music programs. The online school offers a variety of courses and certificate programs in music, including drum set courses. These courses are designed and taught by experienced drummers and educators, and cover different aspects of drumming such as technique, reading, and improvisation. The courses are delivered through an interactive platform that includes video lessons, quizzes, and assignments. Students can also interact with their instructors and peers through discussion forums.

Berklee Online

Online Drum Set Lessons from Musicians Institute

Musicians Institute is a music school based in California that also offers online courses in various areas of music. Their drum set courses are designed for drummers of all levels, and cover topics such as groove, fills, independence, and styles. The courses are available on-demand, which means you can take them at your own pace, and they include video lessons, play-alongs, and exercises. Musicians Institute also offers courses in music theory, ear training, and music production, which can complement your drum set lessons and help you become a well-rounded musician.

Musicians Institute

Online Drum Set Lessons from Roland

Roland is a well-known manufacturer of electronic drums and other musical instruments. In addition to their hardware products, they also offer online drum set lessons through a platform called V-Drums Lessons. These lessons are tailored for users of Roland V-Drums, but they can also be used with acoustic drum sets. The lessons cover different genres, and each lesson includes a video demonstration and downloadable practice materials. V-Drums Lessons also provides a drum set notation software called DT-1 V-Drums Tutor, which can help you learn to read drum music.


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