How do you store cream in a cream jug?

How do you store cream in a cream jug featured

Why use a cream jug?

When it comes to serving cream, aesthetics are important. A cream jug not only adds to the beauty of the serving table, it also helps to keep the cream fresh for longer. The narrow spout of a jug helps to prevent air from entering and causing the cream to spoil or go sour.

What type of cream can be stored in a jug?

Cream jugs are typically used for storing heavy or double cream. This is because these types of cream have a higher fat content which makes them less likely to spoil quickly. However, other types of cream such as single cream and whipped cream can also be stored in a cream jug if necessary.

How to store cream in a cream jug?

Before storing cream in a cream jug, it is important to ensure that both the jug and the cream are cold. This will help to keep the cream from spoiling. Once the cream and the jug are cold, pour the cream into the jug using the narrow spout. Be careful not to overfill the jug as this can cause spillage. Once the cream is in the jug, cover it with a lid or a piece of cling film to prevent air from entering.

How long can cream be stored in a cream jug?

When stored correctly, cream can be kept in a cream jug for up to 24 hours. However, it is important to check the cream before using it. If it smells sour or has an off taste, it should not be consumed as it may have spoiled. If you are unsure whether the cream has spoiled or not, it is always best to err on the side of caution and discard it.

What are the alternatives to a cream jug?

If you do not have a cream jug or prefer not to use one, there are other ways to store cream. One option is to use a small pitcher with a lid or even a mason jar. Another option is to use a small bowl and cover it with cling film or a plate to keep air out. However, it is important to keep in mind that these alternatives may not keep the cream as fresh as a cream jug due to their wider spouts and less secure lids.

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