How do you make a homemade cream jug?

How do you make a homemade cream jug featured

Why make a homemade cream jug?

If you are tired of using plain and boring cream jugs, making your own can be an exciting and creative project. You can customize the size, shape, color and even add personal touches that will make your jug stand out from others.

Gather your materials

The first step towards making a homemade cream jug is to gather all the necessary materials. This includes some clay, a sculpting knife, a smoothing tool, water, and a kiln (for baking the clay). Try to use high-quality clay, as it will make the finished product look more professional and durable.

Shape your jug

Now it’s time to shape your cream jug. First, take a small piece of clay and mould it into the desired shape of your jug. Remember to leave some extra space for the handle and spout. Once you have the basic shape, use the sculpting knife to perfect the details of the jug, such as the curves and texture. If you want to add any personal touches like designs, this is the time to do it.

Add the handle and spout

After you are satisfied with the shape of your jug, attach the handle and spout. Use some water to create a smooth surface where you want to attach the handle and spout, and then press them firmly into place. Get your smoothing tool and use it to blend the joints where the handle and spout meet with the jug. This will make the jug look more cohesive and professional.

Bake and finish your jug

Finally, once you have completed the shaping and attaching of the handle and spout, it is time to bake your cream jug. Follow the instructions of your kiln for the baking process, as every kiln can differ. Once the jug is done baking, let it cool down before applying any finishing touches if necessary, such as painting or a thin layer of sealant to give it a glossy finish. Now it’s ready to use!

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