How can I prevent my hair tie from leaving a crease?

How can I prevent my hair tie from leaving a crease featured

Preventing Hair Tie Creases: Tips and Tricks

Selecting the Right Hair Tie

The type of hair tie you select can make all the difference in preventing creases. Opt for hair ties made of soft, smooth materials, such as silk or satin. These materials are gentle on hair and will not leave as noticeable of a crease as traditional elastic hair ties. If you must use an elastic hair tie, choose one with a soft coating to reduce friction on your hair.

Loosening and Adjusting the Hair Tie

One reason hair ties leave creases is because they are too tight. Consider loosening the hair tie just a bit or adjusting its placement to reduce tension on specific parts of your hair. Additionally, try to avoid twisting the hair tie when securing it in place as this can create an uneven crease.

Changing Your Hair Part

Sometimes, hair tie creases occur because of where your hair is parted. If you always wear your hair in the same style and part, try switching things up occasionally. By parting your hair on the opposite side, you can avoid repetitive stress on the same area of hair. This will not only help prevent hair tie creases, but it can also give your hair extra volume and texture!

Using Hair Clips or Bobby Pins

If you need to quickly tie your hair back, but don’t want to deal with a crease, consider using a hair clip or bobby pin instead of a hair tie. These accessories are gentler on hair and can be secured and removed without leaving an indent.

Quick Fixes for Hair Tie Creases

Unfortunately, even with the best preventative measures, a hair tie crease can still occur. If this happens, try wetting the creased area and gently blow drying while brushing or combing through the hair. Alternatively, you could also try lightly twisting the creased section of hair and wrapping it around your finger before securing it with a clip or bobby pin until the crease disappears.

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