What should I look for in a crib with adjustable mattress heights?

What should I look for in a crib with adjustable mattress heights featured

Why Adjustable Mattress Heights Matter in a Crib?

Choosing the right crib for your baby is critical, and adjustable mattress heights can be a valuable feature to consider. When a baby is born, they are unable to sit up, stand up or attempt to climb out of their crib. However, as they grow and develop their motor skills, they will eventually become more mobile, making it necessary to adjust the mattress height.

How Many Levels of Adjustment Should I Look For?

Most cribs have two or three adjustable mattress heights that can be moved up and down. Look for a crib that has at least two settings to accommodate your baby’s stages of development, allowing you to adjust the mattress height as your baby grows. The highest level should be used when your baby is a newborn, and the lowest level should be used when your baby is standing or attempting to climb out of the crib.

What Safety Features Should I Consider?

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to your baby’s crib. Look for a crib that has sturdy hardware and a firm, snug-fitting mattress. Additionally, ensure that the adjustable mattress heights are secure and easy to adjust. The crib should meet safety standards from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and be certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

What Size of Mattress Should I Buy for the Crib?

When purchasing a crib with adjustable mattress heights, pay attention to the size of the mattress recommended by the manufacturer. A standard-sized crib mattress should fit snugly in the crib, leaving no gaps that could pose a safety hazard. A properly sized mattress ensures that your baby doesn’t get their arms or legs trapped between the mattress and the crib sides.

What Are the Benefits of a Crib with Adjustable Mattress Heights?

Aside from safety concerns, adjustable mattress heights in a crib offer many benefits. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, lowering the mattress height will discourage them from trying to climb out of the crib, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Additionally, adjustable mattress heights can help reduce the strain on your back, making it easier to reach your baby or lay them down for a nap or bedtime.

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