What is the best way to transport a crib during a move?

What is the best way to transport a crib during a move featured

Using a Professional Moving Company to Transport Your Crib

One of the best ways to move a crib during a move is by using a professional moving company. Many moving companies have experience transporting furniture, including baby cribs. They have the necessary equipment and manpower to safely load and unload the crib from their moving trucks. Additionally, hiring a professional moving company eliminates the need for you to lift the heavy and bulky crib, which can prevent injury.

Dismantle the Crib Before Transporting It

Another great option when it comes to transporting your crib is to dismantle it before transporting it. This is particularly helpful if you are moving long distances. Dismantling the crib reduces its overall size, which makes it easier to fit into a moving truck. Make sure to keep all screws, bolts, and any other pieces of hardware safe so that you can reassemble the crib quickly once you reach your new home.

Wrap the Crib in Protective Materials

Wrapping the crib properly before loading it into a moving truck can help prevent damage during transport. You can use soft blankets or bubble wrap to cover the crib and ensure its safety. Be sure to secure the protective materials with tape, so they do not slide around or fall off during transport.

Rent a Moving Truck and Transport the Crib Yourself

Renting a moving truck and transporting the crib yourself is also an option when it comes to moving your crib. This is particularly useful if you are moving locally and have the necessary manpower to lift and load the crib onto the moving truck. Ensure you secure the crib properly and use protective materials when transporting it in the truck.

Consider Shipping the Crib

If you are moving long distances or overseas, shipping the crib can also be an option to consider. This option may cost more than other methods of transportation, but it ensures that the crib will be safely and correctly transported to your new home. Look for shipping companies that specialize in transporting furniture and baby items. You can also check with baby stores for their recommendations.

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