What should I do if my binder clips are too tight?

What should I do if my binder clips are too tight featured

Binder clips are one of the most useful office supplies. They help keep papers organized and can be used for various DIY projects. However, sometimes binder clips can be too tight, making it difficult to use them effectively. In this article, we will explore different solutions to loosen your binder clips.

Try the Twist and Release Method

If your binder clip is too tight, try the twist and release method. Hold onto the metal handles and twist them in opposite directions. This will loosen the grip of the clip and make it easier to open and close. If the clip is still too tight, repeat the process a few times until you achieve the desired result.

Use WD-40

If twisting the clip doesn’t work, try using some WD-40. Spray a small amount onto the metal handles and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, twist the handles back and forth to distribute the lubricant. This should help loosen the grip of the clip. Be sure to wipe off any excess oil before using the clip again.

Try a Rubber Band

If you don’t have any WD-40 on hand, a rubber band can be a great alternative. Simply wrap the rubber band around the handles of the clip a few times. This will create extra padding and make the clip easier to handle. You can also use this method to keep papers from slipping out of the clip’s grip.

Soak in Warm Water

If all else fails, you can try soaking your binder clip in warm water for a few minutes. This will help to loosen the metal and make the clip easier to use. Once the clip has soaked for a few minutes, remove it from the water and dry it off completely before using it.

Binder clips are a versatile tool but can be frustrating if they are too tight. Thankfully, there are several methods you can try to loosen your binder clips. Whether it’s the twist and release method, using WD-40, a rubber band, or soaking in warm water, there is a solution that will work for you.

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