How do I fix a bent binder clip?

How do I fix a bent binder clip featured

How to Straighten a Bent Binder Clip: Tips and Tricks

Binder clips are a common office supply found in every desk. These versatile clips are an essential tool that helps keep papers and documents together, but they can become bent over time. If you find yourself with a bent binder clip, don’t fret. This post will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to fix a bent binder clip.

Identify the Cause of the Bend

If you have a bent binder clip, it’s essential to identify the cause of the bend. Sometimes, the bend is a result of normal wear and tear, but other times it’s the result of misuse. If the clip is bent due to regular use, then follow the steps below to fix it. However, if the clip is bent due to heavy usage or misuse, such as using it to clip something that is too thick, then it may be time to replace the binder clip.

Tools You Need to Fix a Binder Clip

If you test the clip and find that it still holds well into place, you can proceed with fixing it. You’ll need a pair of pliers with a flat edge, duct tape, and a piece of cloth. Take the duct tape piece and wrap it onto the plier’s jaws to protect the surface of the binder clip. This will ensure that you don’t scratch or damage the clip while straightening it.

Straightening the Binder Clip

First, lay the binder clip down on your work surface with the bend facing upwards. Place the duct-taped pliers over the bent part of the clip and use gentle pressure to apply force to the bend. Repeat this process until the bend is almost straightened to the original shape. To avoid going too far, apply less pressure as you get closer to the original shape.

Preventing Future Bends

To help prevent future bends, it’s essential to use the binder clip correctly. Do not use a binder clip to hold multiple stacks of documents thicker than it can adequately hold, and don’t use it to hold something that is too thick. If you need to hold something thicker than the clip can handle, consider getting a larger binder clip or a bulldog clip designed for thicker documents.

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