What magazines concentrate on art and design?

What magazines concentrate on art and design featured

Discover top magazines that focus on art and design

Art and design enthusiasts often find themselves seeking inspiration from different sources, including magazines. Magazines are a great way to stay updated on current trends in the creative world, while also providing valuable insights and resources. In this article, we will explore some of the top magazines that concentrate on art and design.


Dwell is a leading magazine that focuses on modern design and architecture. It’s a magazine that appeals to people who love to create, design and enjoy beautiful homes. It features exclusive interviews with designers and architects, news on the latest trends in modern design, and stunning photography. Dwell is a wonderful source of information for anyone looking for inspiration in home design or architecture.


Artforum is a magazine that features reviews, exhibitions, artists’ profiles, and international art news. It is an excellent resource for anyone interested in contemporary art, offering critical views on the art industry. Founded in 1962, Artforum is one of the oldest and most respected art magazines. It has earned its reputation as one of the leading magazines for critical thinking about art.


Juxtapoz is a magazine that focuses on contemporary art, graphic design, and illustration. It celebrates the work of artists who challenge convention and the status quo. The magazine embraces artists who explore the cultural and social trends of our time. Juxtapoz is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking inspiration from emerging artists and exploring new art forms.

Communication Arts

Communication Arts is a magazine that showcases the world’s best creative works, including advertising, design, and digital media. It provides critical insights into the creative industry and is an excellent resource for anyone seeking inspiration from the latest advertising campaigns and branding. Communication Arts is also known for its design competitions, which recognize and showcase the best creative work from around the world.


Surface is a magazine that focuses on design, architecture, fashion, and lifestyle. It features interviews with leading designers, product reviews, and in-depth stories on the latest trends. Surface is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking inspiration from the latest design trends, fashion styles, and contemporary architecture around the world.

In conclusion, these magazines are just a few examples of the many great resources available to those interested in art and design. Whether you are an artist, designer, or admirer of creativity, these magazines are sure to inspire and motivate you in your work.

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