What magazines specialize in history and archaeology?

What magazines specialize in history and archaeology featured

Discovering the Best Magazines for History and Archaeology Enthusiasts

History and archaeology enthusiasts are always on the lookout for reliable sources of information that will feed their thirst for knowledge. Printed media, particularly magazines, can offer a convenient way to keep up-to-date with the latest discoveries and insights in these disciplines. In this article, we explore some of the best magazines that specialize in history and archaeology.

National Geographic History

National Geographic History is an excellent magazine for those who want to delve deeper into world history. Each issue features in-depth articles, stunning photographs, and graphics that explore diverse historical periods, including ancient civilizations, medieval societies, and modern events. The magazine also offers book reviews, travel guides, and interviews with historians and archaeologists.


As its name suggests, Archaeology magazine is dedicated to the investigation of the past through material remains. The magazine seeks to present the latest findings in archaeology, anthropology, and related fields in a way that is accessible to a general audience. Readers can expect to learn about exciting discoveries, ongoing research projects, and the challenges of preserving our archaeological heritage.

History Today

History Today is a monthly magazine that covers a wide range of historical topics, from ancient civilizations to modern politics. The magazine aims to stimulate debate and critical thinking about history and its relevance to contemporary issues. It features articles by leading historians, as well as reviews of books, films, and exhibitions.

Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine offers a broad perspective on science, history, art, and culture. Its history section covers diverse topics, such as explorations, military conflicts, and social movements, through engaging narratives and vivid images. The magazine also features stories on natural history, technology, and the arts.

Archaeology Odyssey

Archaeology Odyssey was a bi-monthly magazine that published from 1998 to 2006. Although it is no longer in print, its back issues are available online and can be a valuable resource for those interested in archaeology and history. The magazine covered diverse topics, from Biblical archaeology to the mysteries of ancient America, and featured stunning photography and illustrations.

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