What is MIPS technology in a bicycle helmet?

What is MIPS technology in a bicycle helmet featured

Understanding MIPS Technology

The Multi-directional Impact Protection System, commonly referred to as MIPS, is a unique technology used in helmets to protect the brain from rotational forces during an impact. The technology uses a low friction layer that allows the helmet shell to rotate slightly around the wearer’s head during impact, reducing the torque on the brain and lowering the risk of brain injury.

How Does MIPS Work?

When you suffer an impact, the helmet you’re wearing will take the brunt of the hit. Typically, the helmet will squish and absorb the force of the impact, distributing it evenly across the surface of the helmet. But, if you hit an object at an angle, your head may rotate, which may cause your brain to twist similarly. The MIPS system allows the helmet to move slightly independently of your head, reducing the rotational acceleration that your brain experiences.

Benefits of MIPS Technology

The use of MIPS technology in helmets reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury. MIPS technology was designed to address the most common type of brain injury caused by accidents. The risk of brain injury in bicycling accidents and other types of head impact accidents is significant. MIPS technology has been developed as a solution to address the unique needs of safety for both recreational and professional cyclists.

MIPS vs. Standard Helmets

The main difference between MIPS helmets and traditional helmets is the addition of a layer of protection that is designed to mitigate rotational forces. MIPS helmets may be slightly more expensive than traditional helmets, but they offer more protection for your head. The cost is a small price to pay for the additional safety that they provide. The MIPS technology has become increasingly popular in the bike world, and you can find it in a variety of bike helmet brands and models.

MIPS technology is an innovative solution that reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury in accidental head impacts. It adds an extra layer of protection to the helmet, which allows for additional safety during an accident. While it may cost a bit more, it is worth it for those who prioritize safety and want the best protection. With the addition of MIPS technology, the helmet becomes an essential safety tool for your next biking adventure.

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