What is a leotard with a skirt called?

What is a leotard with a skirt called featured

The Dancer’s Must-Have: The Leotard With Skirt

For every dancer, a leotard is a staple in their dance wardrobe. But what about a leotard with a skirt? This elegant and feminine piece is a go-to for many dancers and is known by different names.

The Name Game: What is it called?

The leotard with skirt is known by many names depending on the company and brand. Some call it a ballet dress, while others refer to it as a tutu leotard. Some brands even describe it as a skirted leotard. One thing is for sure, it’s a versatile piece that adds flair to any dance routine.

Style and Function: Why Choose a Leotard with Skirt?

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, a leotard with skirt is practical. The flowing skirt provides additional coverage and movement, making it perfect for ballet, contemporary, and lyrical dances. It also elongates the lines of the body, creating a more graceful silhouette.

Made for Every Dancer: Where to Find Them?

Leotards with skirts are widely available at dancewear stores and can come in different styles, colors, and lengths. Some popular brands include Capezio, Bloch, and Mirella. You can also find them online on websites like Discount Dance Supply and Dancewear Solutions.

Elevate Your Dance Game: How to Style a Leotard with Skirt?

A leotard with skirt is versatile and can be styled in different ways to match the mood and theme of your dance. You can add a wrap, shrug, or leggings for more coverage during rehearsals. For performances, consider adding accessories like a flower crown or statement jewelry to complete the look.

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