How do you put on a leotard?

How do you put on a leotard featured

5 Tips for Putting on Your Leotard

If you’re new to dance or gymnastics, putting on a leotard can feel like a daunting task. But have no fear, with a little practice and these five tips, you’ll be a leotard pro in no time.

Start with a Clean and Dry Body

Before putting on your leotard, make sure your body is clean and dry. This will help prevent any uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. Additionally, wearing a leotard with a dirty body can lead to unwanted breakouts or rashes.

Gather Your Hair

Having your hair in the way can make putting on a leotard difficult. To make the process easier, gather your hair and secure it in a bun or ponytail. This will give you more room to maneuver and help prevent getting your hair caught in the leotard.

Roll or Fold the Leotard

Before putting on the leotard, roll or fold it from the bottom up. This will help prevent any snagging or tearing and make it easier to slip on.

Step into the Leotard

Now that you have the leotard ready, it’s time to step into it. First, slip your feet through the leg holes and pull the leotard up to your waist. Then, pull the top part over your shoulders and adjust the neckline and straps as needed.

Adjust for Comfort

Once your leotard is on, take a few minutes to adjust it for comfort. Make sure the leotard is snug but not too tight, and double-check that the straps and neckline are in the right place.

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