What is a double-sided hair pick?

What is a double sided hair pick featured

What is a Double-Sided Hair Pick?

If you have natural hair, you may have heard of a double-sided hair pick. It is a tool used to detangle and style hair, especially curly or coily hair types. But what is a double-sided hair pick exactly?

The Design of a Double-Sided Hair Pick

A double-sided hair pick has two distinct sides: one with long, widely spaced teeth and the other with shorter, narrow teeth. The long teeth are used for detangling hair, while the shorter teeth are used for defining curls or creating hairstyles.

How to Use a Double-Sided Hair Pick

To use a double-sided hair pick, start with the wide-toothed side and use it to gently detangle your hair from the ends to the roots. Once your hair is detangled, switch to the narrow-toothed side to define your curls or create a style. You can also use the narrow side to tease your hair or create volume.

Benefits of Using a Double-Sided Hair Pick

Using a double-sided hair pick has several benefits. First, it gently detangles hair without causing breakage or damage. Second, it helps define curls and create hairstyles without using heat or chemicals. Third, it is a versatile tool that can be used on all hair types, including natural, relaxed, and weaved hair.

Where to Buy a Double-Sided Hair Pick

You can find a double-sided hair pick online or in beauty supply stores. Some popular brands include Denman, Annie, and Conair. Prices range from $5 to $15 depending on the brand and the material (plastic or metal). Some double-sided hair picks also come with a comb or brush attachment for added versatility.

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