How does a hair pick help with styling?

How does a hair pick help with styling featured

How to Use a Hair Pick for Styling?

A hair pick can be a versatile tool in your hair styling kit. It is designed to detangle and lift your hair strand by strand, adding volume and texture to your mane. But, how do you use a hair pick for styling? Read on to find out.

Detangling Your Hair

A hair pick can be used to detangle your hair after a shower. Start by using a wide-toothed comb to separate your strands and remove any knots from the bottom up. Then, use a hair pick to lift your hair and untangle any remaining knots gently.

Adding Volume to Your Hair

If you have flat hair, you can use a hair pick to add volume. Start by flipping your head upside down and using the pick to lift your hair at the roots. This technique will add height to your hair and create volume. Then, flip your head back up and use the pick to define your curls or waves.

Creating a Textured Hairstyle

A hair pick can also be used to create a textured hairstyle. Apply a styling product to your hair, then use the pick to lift and separate your strands. Gently tease your hair with the pick, move it up and down to add texture and volume to your hair. Finish with hairspray to hold your style in place.

Choosing the Right Hair Pick

When choosing a hair pick, look for one with wide and long teeth. This will allow you to lift and separate your hair easily and prevent breakage. Avoid using plastic picks as they can cause static and damage to your hair. Instead, opt for a wooden or metal hair pick.

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