What is a ball peen hammer used for?

What is a ball peen hammer used for featured

What is a Ball Peen Hammer?

A ball peen hammer is a type of hammer characterized by its peen, or rounded end. It typically has a flat, striking surface on one side and a rounded, ball-shaped surface on the other. The peen is usually made of metal and is used for a variety of purposes, particularly in metalworking and woodworking.

The Uses of a Ball Peen Hammer

A ball peen hammer is primarily used for shaping and bending metal. The rounded end, or peen, allows for more controlled strikes and helps to create rounded or domed shapes. Its versatility makes it a popular tool in various industries as well as for DIY enthusiasts. Here are some common uses:


In metalworking, a ball peen hammer is often used for shaping metal. The rounded peen is ideal for creating curves and contours, as well as for forging and riveting metal pieces together. It is commonly used by blacksmiths for shaping hot metal on an anvil.


Ball peen hammers are also useful in woodworking, specifically for shaping and driving small nails or tacks. The rounded end allows for more precision when making indentations or setting nails without damaging the wood. It is commonly used in carpentry and furniture-making.

Riveting and Peening

The ball peen hammer is particularly effective for riveting and peening, processes that involve flattening a pin or metal fastener to secure two or more pieces together. The rounded peen is used to strike the pin, deforming it and creating a permanent connection. This technique is commonly used in industries such as aerospace and automotive manufacturing.

Jewelry Making

Due to its ability to create rounded shapes and its versatility, ball peen hammers are also used in jewelry making. Jewelers may use it for shaping and forming metal into intricate designs, as well as for texturing or adding patterns to metal surfaces.


Although less common, ball peen hammers can also be used in masonry work. In this context, they are used for chipping, shaping, and breaking bricks or stones. The rounded peen can be used to strike the surface or break off small pieces, depending on the desired result.

Overall, the diverse uses of a ball peen hammer make it a valuable tool in various industries and for different tasks. Its ability to shape, bend, and rivet metal, as well as its precision in woodworking and jewelry making, make it a versatile tool for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

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