What color dress shoes should I wear with black suit?

What color dress shoes should I wear with black suit featured

Dress Shoes Color Complimenting Black Suit

Choosing the right color dress shoes to wear with a black suit can be tricky. Black suits, being one of the most formal attires, require suitable dress shoes to complement them. Failing to wear the right dress shoes can create an uncoordinated and awkward look. Therefore, it’s essential to select dress shoes that match the formality and color of your black suit. But which color dress shoes go best with a black suit?

Black Dress Shoes: A Classic Option

Arguably the safest and classic choice for dress shoes to wear with a black suit is black dress shoes. This combination creates a sleek and sophisticated look. Also, no other dress shoe color can match black dress shoes’ versatility since they can match any shade of a black suit. Moreover, black dress shoes are a wardrobe staple that pairs with any dress code, making them the most common dress shoes for formal events.

Brown Dress Shoes: A Modern Twist

While black dress shoes remain the conventional choice, brown dress shoes are increasing in popularity. Brown dress shoes provide a modern twist to a black suit, adding a touch of sophistication and style. However, it can be tricky to match the right shade of brown with a black suit. For example, lighter shades of brown, such as tan or cognac, may appear too casual and ruin the black suit’s formality. A darker shade of brown, such as dark chocolate or espresso, pairs well with a black suit and creates a dashing and eye-catching look.

Other Color Dress Shoes

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you may consider wearing dress shoes of other colors besides black or brown. However, this requires much thought and attention. Some suitable colors that match a black suit include charcoal grey, burgundy, navy blue, and oxblood. But be mindful that these dress shoes’ colors must coordinate well with other elements of your outfit, such as your shirt and accessories.

Dress Shoe Styles to Avoid

While some dress shoe colors complement a black suit, certain styles can ruin your look. It’s essential to avoid dress shoes such as loafers, sneakers, and any other kind of informal shoe. These dress shoes are too casual for a black suit and will make you look unprofessional and uncoordinated. Moreover, avoid dress shoes with a flashy color that will steal the attention away from your black suit.

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