How do you care for suede dress shoes?

How do you care for suede dress shoes featured

Why Suede Shoes Need Special Care

Suede, unlike other types of leather, is incredibly soft and delicate. It easily stains and scuffs, making caring for suede dress shoes a little different than caring for regular dress shoes. This is because suede fibers are more porous, absorbent, and prone to scratching than standard leather. Because it is less durable than regular leather, suede requires extra special care to keep it looking good.

Everyday Care of Suede Dress Shoes

When wearing suede dress shoes, take extra care to avoid scuffing or staining them. At the end of the day or after each wear, you should brush the shoes gently with a suede brush. A suede brush is made of soft, thin bristles that help to remove dust and dirt from the suede without damaging the fibers. Be sure to brush in the direction of the suede’s fibers and avoid brushing too hard to prevent more damage.

Removing Stains and Spills

Inevitably, suede shoes will get stained or spilled on. When this happens, it’s important to act fast to remove the stain before it sets. Use a suede eraser or a gentle pencil eraser to gently rub the stain away. For oily or greasy stains, sprinkle talcum powder on the area and allow it to sit overnight to absorb the oil, then brush off with a suede brush. If the stain is from a water spill, blot it up as quickly as you can with a paper towel and allow the shoes to air dry away from direct heat.

Protecting Your Suede Dress Shoes

To prevent future stains or spills, you can apply a suede protectant spray to your shoes. A suede protectant spray will not only help to repel water and stains but also condition and soften your suede. Before applying, be sure to brush your shoes to remove any dirt or dust. Then, hold the spray bottle 6-8 inches away from the shoes and apply evenly. Allow the shoes to dry completely before wearing.

When to Seek Professional Help

If your suede dress shoes are severely stained or heavily damaged, it may be time to take them to a professional shoe cleaner. Professional shoe cleaners have special tools and techniques to remove tough stains, scuffs, and other damage from suede. They can also give your shoes a thorough cleaning and conditioning to keep them looking good for years to come.

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