How do you keep dress shoes looking new?

How do you keep dress shoes looking new featured

Understanding the materials your dress shoes are made of

Before thinking about keeping your dress shoes new, it is important to understand the materials they are made of. Each material has its own care requirements. For instance, leather is a popular material, but it requires conditioning and polishing to maintain its shine. Suede, on the other hand, requires regular brushings to remove dirt and stains. Understanding the type of dress shoe you have will help you determine the right cleaning and maintenance approach.

Invest in appropriate cleaning products

Using the right cleaning products can make a huge difference in keeping your dress shoes looking new. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the shoe materials. Instead, invest in cleaning products specifically made for your dress shoes. For leather shoes, a leather cleaner and conditioner will help to maintain the softness and shine. For suede shoes, a suede brush and eraser will help remove dirt and stains.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your dress shoes regularly is key to keeping them new. It is recommended to clean your dress shoes after every wear to remove dirt and prevent staining. Also, consider investing in specialized shoe trees that help to maintain the shape of your shoes and absorb moisture. Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your dress shoes and keep them looking polished for longer.

Avoid wearing dress shoes in harsh weather conditions

While it may be tempting to wear your dress shoes in any weather, harsh conditions such as rain, snow and extreme heat can damage them. Weatherproofing your shoes can help to some extent, but it’s best to avoid exposing them to such conditions. Instead, invest in a pair of weather-appropriate shoes for such conditions.

Get professional help when necessary

There may be instances when your dress shoes require professional care, such as when they have deep stains or scuffs that cannot be removed by regular cleaning methods. In such cases, take them to a professional shoe repair service that specializes in dress shoes. They have the expertise and equipment to restore your shoes to their original condition.

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