What are the best colored pencils for coloring books?

What are the best colored pencils for coloring books featured

The Importance of Choosing the Right Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

Coloring books have gained widespread popularity among both children and adults in recent years. The therapeutic benefits of coloring have been celebrated and coloring books have become a popular way to relax, reduce stress, and express creativity. However, not all colored pencils are created equal. Choosing the right colored pencils can make a significant difference in the quality of your coloring experience. Here’s what you need to know about selecting the best colored pencils for coloring books.

The Quality of Pigment Matters

The quality of pigment is the most important factor to consider when choosing colored pencils. High-quality pigments offer more vibrant colors, are easier to blend, and have a longer lifespan. Cheap colored pencils generally contain low-quality pigment, which leads to dull-looking colors, uneven coloring, and inconsistent coverage. High-quality colored pencils typically come with a higher price tag, but the investment will be worthwhile in the long-run for those who plan to use colored pencils frequently.

Consider the Type of Lead

The type of lead used in colored pencils can significantly impact your coloring experience. The two most common types of lead are wax-based and oil-based. Wax-based lead is commonly used in student-grade colored pencils and provides a softer, more powdery finish. Oil-based lead is typically found in artist-grade colored pencils and produces a firmer, smoother finish. Some colored pencil brands also offer water-soluble leads, which can be used like watercolors to create unique effects.

Texture is Key

The texture of colored pencils can vary significantly between brands. Some colored pencils have a very smooth texture, while others have a gritty texture that provides more friction on the paper. The texture of colored pencils can impact the look and feel of your coloring book pages, as well as the level of effort required to color. It’s advisable to test out colored pencils on a scrap piece of paper before using them on your coloring book to determine the texture that works best for you.

Recommended Brands of Colored Pencils for Coloring Books

After considering the above factors, here are some recommended brands of colored pencils for coloring books:

  • Prismacolor Premier – Known for their high-quality pigments and buttery texture, these colored pencils are often used by professional artists.
  • Faber-Castell Polychromos – These oil-based colored pencils have a slightly harder lead and are water-resistant, making them ideal for more advanced coloring techniques.
  • Derwent Coloursoft – These wax-based colored pencils produce vibrant colors and have a soft, smooth texture, making them easy to blend.
  • Tombow Irojiten – These high-quality colored pencils boast a wide range of colors and a firm, smooth texture.
  • STAEDTLER Ergosoft Aquarell – These water-soluble colored pencils are ideal for creating unique watercolor effects in coloring books.

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