What are some unique ways to use champagne glasses outside of drinking Champagne?

What are some unique ways to use champagne glasses outside of drinking Champagne featured

Decorative Centerpiece

Champagne glasses make for an elegant and unique decorative centerpiece. Fill them with water and float candles or flower petals, or even use them to showcase small trinkets or decorative items. Arrange them on a mirror or tray for a stunning display that can be used for weddings, dinner parties or special events.

Mini Dessert Cups

Another fun way to use champagne glasses is as mini dessert cups. Layer in ingredients for individual trifles, parfaits or ice cream sundaes. The tall, slender shape of the glass is perfect for creating an elegant presentation, and guests will love having their own special dessert to enjoy. This idea is great for hosting a dessert party or adding a unique twist to your next dinner party.


Transform your champagne glasses into beautiful candleholders. Simply place a small votive or tea light candle in the center of the glass and add decorative accents such as stones, ribbons or flowers. These candleholders can add a romantic ambiance for a special occasion or create a cozy atmosphere for an intimate dinner party.

Makeup Brush Organizers

If you’re in need of a stylish way to organize your makeup brushes, champagne glasses make the perfect solution. The tall, slender shape allows for easy access to your brushes and adds a touch of glamour to your vanity. You can even personalize the glasses by adding your initials or decorating them with glitter or gemstones.

Bathroom Storage

Champagne glasses can also be used to add some chic storage to your bathroom. Use them to hold cotton balls, swabs or even jewelry. The elegant shape and design can add a touch of glamour to your bathroom vanity or dresser. Personalize the glasses with a monogram or add some color with decorative beads or pearls.

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