What are some safety rules to follow when playing with a dartboard?

What are some safety rules to follow when playing with a dartboard featured

Rule 1: Set up the dartboard in a safe location

The first rule of playing darts is to ensure that the dartboard is set up in a safe location. The board should be mounted securely on a wall and positioned at a height of 5 feet 8 inches to the center of the bullseye. The area surrounding the dartboard should also be clear of any obstructions to prevent anyone from accidentally getting hit by a dart. It is also recommended to use a dartboard backboard to protect the wall from damage from errant darts.

Rule 2: Use the proper darts

Another important safety rule when playing with a dartboard is to use the proper darts. Darts should be made of metal and have sharp, pointed tips. Never use darts that have dull points or are made of materials other than metal. When playing with others, it’s also important to only throw one dart at a time to prevent accidental injuries.

Rule 3: Always aim the darts away from people and animals

When throwing darts, it’s important to always aim them away from people and animals. Only throw the darts towards the dartboard and never throw them in any other direction. This is particularly important when playing in areas with limited space, as there is a greater risk of hitting someone accidentally.

Rule 4: Don’t drink or use drugs while playing darts

Drinking alcohol or using drugs while playing darts can impair your judgment and coordination, making it more difficult to aim the darts accurately. This poses a risk not only to yourself but also to other people in the area. To prevent accidents and injuries, it’s best to avoid using any substances that can alter your state of mind while playing with a dartboard.

Rule 5: Always supervise children when they are playing with a dartboard

Lastly, it’s important to always supervise children when they are playing with a dartboard. Children should never be left unsupervised with a dartboard, as they may not have the necessary coordination or judgment to use it safely. When children are playing darts, make sure that the board is set up in a safe location, and that they are using the proper darts and aiming them away from other people or animals.

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