What are the different types of dart tips?

What are the different types of dart tips featured

The Different Types of Dart Tips Explained

When it comes to playing darts, the type of dart tip you use can greatly affect your game. Different dart tips have different properties, which can influence the trajectory, speed, and accuracy of your throws. In this article, we will explore the various types of dart tips available and discuss their characteristics and advantages.

Steel Tips

Steel tips are the most common type of dart tips and are used in professional and competitive dart games. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these tips provide excellent durability and sharpness. The sharp point allows for precise aiming and accurate throw. Steel tips are typically used with bristle dartboards, which are made from sisal or hemp fibers and can effectively grip the steel tip, preventing it from falling out.

Soft Tips

Soft tips are made from plastic or nylon materials and are commonly used in electronic dartboards. These tips are much safer compared to steel tips, making them suitable for leisure and family-friendly games. The soft tips are designed to be flexible and absorbent, allowing them to withstand impact without damaging the dartboard. Soft tip dartboards are made from a material that provides a cushioning effect to absorb the force of the throw.

Conversion Tips

If you want to switch between steel tip and soft tip darts without changing your darts, conversion tips are the perfect solution. Conversion tips are essentially sleeves that fit over the steel tip, transforming it into a soft tip dart. They are typically made from durable plastic materials and are easy to install and remove. With conversion tips, you can play on both steel tip and soft tip dartboards, expanding your options and versatility.

Fixed Point Tips

Fixed point tips are a variation of steel tips that have a fixed, non-replaceable point. These tips are commonly found in inexpensive or vintage darts and are not as popular as replaceable steel tips. If the point of a fixed point tip becomes damaged or dull, you would need to replace the entire dart instead of just the tip. However, fixed point tips can still be effective for casual players or beginners who don’t need to frequently change or upgrade their darts.

Moveable Point Tips

Moveable point tips, also known as spinning tips, have a rotating mechanism that allows the tip to retract upon impact. This mechanism helps reduce bounce-outs, where the dart hits the wire but does not stick in the dartboard. The retractable feature of the tip allows it to grip the target surface better, increasing the chances of a successful throw. Moveable point tips are commonly used in professional tournaments and competitions, where accuracy and precision are crucial.

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