What are some fun cocktail stick crafts for kids?

What are some fun cocktail stick crafts for kids featured

Fun Cocktail Stick Crafts for Kids

Cocktail sticks or toothpicks are versatile and can be used for various crafts projects. They are affordable and accessible materials that you can use to create fun craft projects with your kids. Here are some exciting cocktail stick crafts your kids will enjoy:

Cocktail Stick Dragonfly Craft

This is a simple and cute craft that kids of all ages will love. To make a dragonfly craft, you’ll need some coloured tissue paper, glue, and some cocktail sticks. Cut the tissue paper into a circle shape, and then cut into the circle shape to create petal shapes around the edges. Fold the tissue paper to create wings, then glue two or three cocktail sticks in a cross shape, and attach the tissue paper wings with glue.

Cocktail Stick Star Craft

Kids love to make stars. You can use cocktail sticks to create a beautiful and sparkling star craft. Cut six cocktail sticks into equal sizes and glue them together in the shape of a star. Then, dip each star-tip into glitter glue and let it dry. Your cocktail stick star is now ready to hang on your Christmas tree or wall.

Cocktail Stick People Craft

This is a fun craft project that encourages creativity and imagination in children. All you need is a collection of different items like coloured paper, googly eyes, glue, and some cocktail sticks. Cut the paper into different shapes for the head, body, and legs, then use glue to stick the cocktail sticks onto the paper. Add some googly eyes, and your cocktail stick people are now ready to be played with.

Cocktail Stick Beaded Bracelet Craft

If your kids love making bracelets, this craft is perfect for them. All you need is some string or thread, some colourful beads, and cocktail sticks. Thread a cocktail stick through each bead and then knot the string around each end of the cocktail stick. Once you have enough beaded cocktail sticks, you can then weave them together to create a beautiful and unique bracelet.

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