What is the weirdest thing ever put on a cocktail stick?

What is the weirdest thing ever put on a cocktail stick featured

The Weirdest Things You Didn’t Expect to See on a Cocktail Stick

Have you ever been served a cocktail with a little something extra on top? Maybe it’s a cherry, a slice of lime or even a miniature umbrella, but some bartenders take it to the next level with some truly bizarre toppings. Here are some of the weirdest things ever put on a cocktail stick:


For those who like a little bit of danger with their cocktails, some bars offer scorpions as a garnish. While these creepy crawlies aren’t poisonous, it’s certainly a daring choice for those who want to push the boundaries of what they’re willing to consume in the name of a good time.


Who needs a plate when you can have your entire meal on a cocktail stick? One bar in London takes it to the extreme by serving mini cheeseburgers on a skewer, complete with a sesame seed bun, beef patty, cheese, lettuce and tomato. It may not be the most practical way to eat a burger, but it’s certainly a conversation starter.

Entire Fried Chicken

If a cheeseburger on a stick isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger, how about an entire fried chicken? A bar in New York City offers a “Bucket of Bird” cocktail, which includes a full fried chicken, a bottle of champagne and six other cocktails. It’s definitely not a drink for the faint of heart, but it’s guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Human Toe

This one takes the cake for the most bizarre cocktail garnish. The Sourtoe Cocktail is a famous drink in Dawson City, Canada that includes a real human toe floating in the glass. According to tradition, the toe must touch your lips for you to become a member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club.

Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

While not as extreme as a scorpion or a human toe, bacon-wrapped shrimp is still a surprising addition to any cocktail. This savory snack is a popular garnish at many bars and is sure to satisfy anyone who loves the combination of salty bacon and juicy shrimp.

So, the next time you order a cocktail, be prepared for some unexpected toppings. From scorpions to entire fried chickens, you never know what you might find on a cocktail stick!

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