What are some eco-friendly magazines?

What are some eco friendly magazines featured

5 Eco-Friendly Magazines to Read and Promote Sustainable Living


Conservation magazine is an independently published magazine that focuses on environmental issues worldwide. The magazine provides in-depth articles and editorials that aim to educate readers on environmental concerns and encourage them to take positive actions towards conservation. From policy analysis to wildlife conservation, Conservation magazine covers a broad range of topics that highlights our stake in preserving the planet for future generations.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine is another independent publication focusing on environmental lifestyle advice, eco-travel destinations, health, and wellness. Categorized under the “Conscious Culture” section, the magazine includes articles on conscious parenting, spirituality, and green business practices. By reading Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, readers are encouraged to take proactive measures in protecting the environment while maintaining harmony with their lifestyle.


Produced by the Sierra Club, one of America’s oldest and most prominent environmental organizations, the Sierra magazine presents environmental news geared towards the broader public. The publication’s articles and reports offer a mix of environmental policy analysis and solutions to the problems raised. Sierra’s articles range from policymakers’ criticisms to practical environmental tips, making it an excellent read for environmental enthusiasts of all levels.

E-The Environmental Magazine

E-The Environmental Magazine is an independent bi-monthly publication covering global environmental news on policy, scientific research, climate change, energy, and wildlife conservation. Since its inception in 1990, E-The Environmental Magazine has remained an outstanding print and online resource for environmental-driven audiences seeking deeper knowledge on everyday living lifestyles, science, and technology while upholding green consumerism.

Inhabit Magazine

Inhabit Magazine provides an exciting and fresh perspective on sustainable designs, architecture, and interior décor. Their articles showcase innovative ideas and progressions on living spaces, eco-homes, and constructed environments to ignite readers’ passions about beautiful and sustainable living. Inhabit Magazine’s readers get to appreciate and embrace well-constructed structures that align with eco-friendliness to bring out the best living environments.

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