What are some creative ways to use drinking glasses?

What are some creative ways to use drinking glasses featured

Repurpose them as mini vases

Drinking glasses can make for great mini vases when you don’t have a full-size one on hand. Simply fill them with water and add a few of your favorite flowers. You can even get creative by using different shaped glasses and grouping them together to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Make DIY candle holders

If you have some spare glasses lying around, transform them into rustic candle holders. Fill the glass with pebbles or sand, and place a simple white candle inside. Voila! – you have a unique and stylish candle holder that can be used at dinner parties or even just for everyday ambiance.

Use them for food presentation

Drinking glasses can also be used to showcase your culinary skills. Use them to create individual dessert servings, layered salads, or even for serving up popcorn or chips. The contrasting layers will add texture and visual appeal to your dish, sure to impress your guests.

Create a homemade terrarium

For fans of indoor gardening, a recycled drinking glass can make a great vessel for a homemade terrarium. Add soil, moss and small plant and finish it off with a decorative rock on the top. Your new mini-garden will brighten up your desk or any other indoor space in your home.

Turn them into DIY Snow Globes

If you’re feeling extra creative, transform a glass into a magical snow globe. Fill the bottom with a small figure, add a pinch of glitter, and fill with distilled water. Glue the glass onto the base and you have a handmade decoration that you can treasure for years to come.

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