What are some creative ways to upcycle old deck chairs?

What are some creative ways to upcycle old deck chairs featured

Turn old deck chairs into a garden bench

If you have two or more old deck chairs that are no longer in use, consider turning them into a garden bench. Simply remove the armrests from the chairs and attach the seat and backrests together using hinges. You can then add legs or attach the bench to a wall to support it.

Use the fabric for other projects

Old deck chairs often have colorful and durable fabric that can be used for other craft projects. Cut out the fabric and use it to make pillows, tote bags, or even a hammock. You can also use the fabric to cover a bulletin board or make a cool lampshade.

Transform the frame into a plant stand

The sturdy frame of an old deck chair can be repurposed as a plant stand for your garden or indoor plants. Simply remove the fabric from the chair and use some wire or string to create multiple shelves. You can then decorate the stand with paint or other embellishments.

Use it for storage

Deck chairs can provide great storage space in your home or garage. You can upcycle it by adding extra shelves or compartments that can hold tools or other supplies. You can even paint the chair to match your decor or choose a bright color to add some personality.

Turn it into a pet bed

If you have a furry friend at home, you can create a comfortable pet bed from an old deck chair. Cut off the legs of the chair and cover the seat and backrest with a cushion or piece of foam. Add some cozy blankets, and your pet will have a unique and comfy bed all to themselves.

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