What is the history of the deck chair?

What is the history of the deck chair featured

The Inception of the Deck Chair

Deck chairs were initially designed to cater to the luxurious lifestyles of wealthy people who enjoyed spending time outdoors. It is said that the creation of the deck chair dates back to the early 1800s when a British inventor named John Cham produced the first wooden, folding chair. At this time, sea bathing was becoming increasingly popular, and people needed a way to relax comfortably in the sun. Cham’s design was an instant success, and thus, the first deck chair was born.

The Arrival of the Metal Frame

After a few years, the demand for deck chairs grew, and a market was created for cheaper and more durable models. It was in the late 19th century that the first metal frame deck chairs were produced to meet this demand. The metal frame models were created with briefcases in mind, as these could fold nicely and were easy to carry around.

Deck Chairs Through the Wars

The 20th century saw massive changes in deck chair designs, and the two world wars made a significant impact on deck chair production. During the First World War, deck chairs were redesigned in a more simplistic style, as the shortage of essential resources made it difficult to produce more complex designs. However, as time went on, the chair manufacturers managed to make some advances and produce better chairs that were more novel than the older ones.

Deck Chairs Today

Nowadays, deck chairs vary in style and size, and they can be made using a range of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. The most common type of deck chair in this day and age is the wooden folding chair, that stands out as a classic, and has remained unchanged for many years. Some designers have experimented with incorporating modern materials into deck chairs, creating chairs that are both fresh and functional.

A Recognizable Icon

Deck chairs have come a long way from the elite product designed for the wealthy, to become part of popular culture. Today, deck chairs are a must-have at the beach or backyard, being synonymous with relaxation and comfort. It’s fascinating how a relatively simple invention has managed to carve out a place in history and become an iconic object.

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