How to make a snow globe?

How to make a snow globe featured

Gather your supplies

Making your own snow globe is a fun and creative project that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Before you get started, gather all the supplies you will need:

  • A glass jar with a tight-fitting lid
  • A small figurine or object to place inside the globe
  • Glycerin (optional, but recommended for a slower snowfall effect)
  • Fine glitter or fake snow
  • Water
  • Strong adhesive, such as epoxy or silicone glue
  • A small paintbrush or sponge brush

Prepare the object

Once you have gathered your supplies, it’s time to prepare the object that will be placed inside the snow globe. Choose a small figurine or object that fits the theme of your snow globe. You can find these at craft stores or online. If necessary, paint the object using acrylic paint to match the desired colors or add extra details.

Attach the object to the lid

Before filling the jar with water, you’ll need to attach the object to the lid of the jar. Apply a generous amount of strong adhesive to the bottom of the object and press it firmly onto the inside of the lid. Make sure to hold it in place for a few minutes to ensure a strong bond. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Create the snow globe effect

Now it’s time to create the snow globe effect. Fill the glass jar with water, leaving a small amount of space at the top to allow for displacement when the lid is closed. If you prefer a slower snowfall effect, add a few drops of glycerin to the water before pouring it into the jar. The glycerin helps the glitter or fake snow fall more slowly when the globe is shaken.

Add the fine glitter or fake snow to the jar. Start with a small amount and add more if needed to achieve the desired effect. Use a paintbrush or sponge brush to spread the glitter or snow evenly throughout the water.

Seal the jar

Finally, it’s time to seal the jar and complete your snow globe. Carefully screw the lid with the attached object onto the jar, making sure it is tight and secure. If desired, you can apply a small amount of adhesive to the threads of the jar to prevent it from accidentally unscrewing. Allow the adhesive to dry completely before handling the snow globe.

Once the adhesive is dry, you can shake your snow globe to watch the glitter or snow fall around the object inside. Display your snow globe on a shelf or tabletop and enjoy the magical winter scene that you created.

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