How to fix a broken skateboard deck?

How to fix a broken skateboard deck featured

What You’ll Need

Before we dive into the steps of fixing a broken skateboard deck, let’s go over the materials and tools you’ll need:

  • Skateboard deck
  • Epoxy or wood glue
  • Clamps or heavy books
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint or stain (optional)
  • Clear coat or sealant (optional)

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step in fixing a broken skateboard deck is to assess the damage. Take a close look at the break and determine whether it is a clean break or if there are any splintered pieces. This will help you determine the best approach for repairing it.

Step 2: Clean and Prepare the Surface

Clean the surface around the broken area to remove any dirt, debris, or old adhesive. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the area. Once the surface is clean, use sandpaper to roughen up the area around the break. This will help the epoxy or wood glue adhere better.

Step 3: Apply Epoxy or Wood Glue

Depending on the severity of the break, you can either use epoxy or wood glue to fix the skateboard deck. If it’s a clean break with no splintered pieces, epoxy is a good option. Apply a thin layer of epoxy to both sides of the break and press them together. If the break has splintered pieces, use wood glue to gently piece them back together. Apply a thin layer of wood glue to both sides of the break and press them together.

Step 4: Clamp or Weigh it Down

To ensure a secure bond, use clamps or heavy books to hold the broken skateboard deck together while the epoxy or wood glue sets. Place the clamps or books on either side of the break and tighten them down. Leave the deck to dry for the recommended time specified by the epoxy or wood glue manufacturer.

Step 5: Sand and Finish

Once the epoxy or wood glue has fully dried, remove the clamps or books. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or excess glue. Start with a coarse-grit sandpaper to level out the surface, and then switch to a finer-grit sandpaper for a smoother finish.

If desired, you can also paint or stain the repaired area to match the rest of the skateboard deck. Apply paint or stain evenly and let it dry completely. Finish off with a clear coat or sealant to protect the repaired area.

Fixing a broken skateboard deck is a relatively simple process that can extend the life of your skateboard. By following these steps and using the right materials, you can have your deck back to its original condition in no time.

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