How to do a 180 ollie on a skateboard?

How to do a 180 ollie on a skateboard featured

Understanding the Basics of a 180 Ollie

A 180 ollie is a fundamental trick in skateboarding that involves spinning the skateboard 180 degrees while performing an ollie. To successfully execute this trick, you need to understand the basic mechanics and techniques involved.

Setting up for the Trick

Before attempting a 180 ollie, make sure you are comfortable with performing regular ollies. Begin by positioning yourself with your feet placed over the board, one foot on the tail and the other near or slightly behind the front bolts.

To initiate the trick, crouch down and prepare to pop the tail of the skateboard against the ground. This will create the necessary upward force for the ollie.

Popping and Jumping

As you begin to rise up from your crouched position, apply pressure to the tail of the skateboard to create a snapping motion. This pop will cause the skateboard to leave the ground.

Simultaneously, jump up into the air by pushing off with your back foot and extending your body upwards. This will allow you to clear the board as it starts to rotate.

Initiating the Rotation

Once you are airborne and the skateboard has left the ground, use your shoulders and upper body to initiate the rotation of the board. To perform a frontside 180 ollie, you need to turn your body and shoulders in the direction of your heelside (back foot) as you jump.

For a backside 180 ollie, you’ll need to rotate your body and shoulders in the direction of your toeside (front foot) as you jump.

It’s important to commit to the rotation and follow through with your upper body movement to ensure a complete 180-degree spin.

Landing and Rolling Away

As the skateboard completes its rotation, prepare to land with your feet positioned over the bolts. Be mindful of maintaining balance and stability as you come back down to the ground.

Once you’ve successfully landed the 180 ollie, focus on rolling away smoothly. Bend your knees to absorb the landing impact, and continue riding away with confidence.

Remember, practice is key. It may take several attempts to master the 180 ollie, so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t come easily at first. Keep practicing, stay consistent, and you’ll soon be adding this trick to your skateboarding repertoire.

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