How to fix a broken colored pencil?

How to fix a broken colored pencil featured

The frustration of a broken colored pencil

It’s happened to every artist at some point – you’re in the middle of a project, coloring away with your favorite colored pencil, when suddenly it snaps in half. It’s a moment of frustration, but fear not – there are ways to fix a broken colored pencil and salvage your artwork. Here’s how:

Gather your materials

The first step in fixing a broken colored pencil is to gather your materials. You’ll need a pair of pliers, a sharp knife or sandpaper, and a heat source – either a lighter or a candle will do.

Align the broken halves

Before you begin to repair the colored pencil, make sure that the two broken halves are cleanly aligned. If they’re not, use your knife or sandpaper to smooth out the broken edges until they fit together cleanly. Once the halves are aligned, hold them firmly in place with your fingers or a pair of pliers.

Apply heat

The next step is to apply heat to the broken end of the colored pencil. Hold the end of the pencil about an inch away from the heat source, rotating it slowly to ensure even heating. Be careful not to hold the pencil too close to the heat – this can cause the lead to melt and ruin the pencil. After a few seconds of heating, test to see if the halves are sticking together. If they’re not, heat the pencil for a few more seconds and test again.

Smooth out the joint

After the halves have been heated and stuck together, use your knife or sandpaper to smooth out the joint where they meet. This will ensure that the pencil writes smoothly and evenly without any bumps or irregularities. Once you’ve smoothed out the joint, your colored pencil is as good as new!

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