How does an egg yolk separator work?

How does an egg yolk separator work featured

What is an egg yolk separator?

An egg yolk separator is a device used to separate egg yolks from the egg whites. It is a handy tool in the kitchen, especially when making dishes like meringues and creams that require only the white part of eggs. This device can be made of different materials like plastic, silicone or metal, and comes in different shapes with varied features.

How does it work?

An egg yolk separator works by drawing the egg yolks away from the whites. It does this by using the laws of physics, specifically the principle of vacuum pressure. The most common design is the plastic separator that is shaped like a bulb with a flat side. To use, simply break an egg into a bowl, place the egg separator over the bowl, with the flat part touching the egg yolk, then gently squeeze the bulb. This action creates suction that pulls the egg yolk away from the egg whites and into the separator, leaving the egg whites below in the bowl.

Other types of egg yolk separators

Aside from the bulb type, there are other types of egg yolk separators in the market. The sieve type is one of them which is shaped like a fine mesh strainer which separates the egg white from the egg yolk. Another type is the slotted spoon type that is used by carefully scooping the egg yolk out of the white. Electric egg separators are also now available in the market.

Advantages of using an egg separator

Using an egg yolk separator offers several benefits. It saves time as separating egg yolks and whites manually can be a tedious and messy process. It is also more hygienic as it prevents the possibility of having bits of eggshell or egg yolk or whites from contaminating the other part. Lastly, it gives better results as it extracts the egg yolk without breaking it, while also preventing traces of the yolk from mixing with the egg whites.

An egg yolk separator is a useful kitchen tool that can make cooking easier and more efficient. By using the principle of vacuum pressure, egg yolks can be separated from the egg whites effortlessly and hygienically. This offers several advantages, including better outcomes, time-saving, and improved hygiene.

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