How do you clean and maintain brogues?

How do you clean and maintain brogues featured

Understanding Brogues and Their Maintenance

Brogues are fashionable shoes that come with perforated patterns on the leather surface. They are trendy, versatile, and suitable for many occasions. However, owning a pair of brogues require routine maintenance to keep them clean and to make them last longer. With the right care, brogues can outlive many other types of shoes. In this article, we explore how to clean and maintain brogues to keep them in the best condition possible.

Cleaning Your Brogues

The first step to maintaining your brogues is to keep them clean. You should not wear your brogues without cleaning them first. Dirt and debris can cause scratches on the leather surface, making them appear dull and lifeless. To clean brogues, start by removing any visible debris using a soft brush or a damp cloth. Make sure you clean the surface evenly and avoid scrubbing too hard as this can lead to scuff marks.

Polishing Your Brogues

Polishing is one of the essential steps to keep your brogues looking shiny and new. Polishing brogues involves applying a thin coat of shoe polish with a soft brush or a cloth. Polish your brogues using a circular motion, ensuring that you reach all corners and crevices. Make sure you use a polish that matches the color of your brogues. After the polish has dried, use a clean cloth to buff them. Buffing helps to remove any excess polish and to make the brogues shiny.

Protecting Your Brogues

Protecting your brogues helps to keep them dry and free from stains that can be hard to remove. Start by spraying them with a waterproof spray to repel water. This spray will also protect the brogues from stains and reduce the amount of dirt that sticks to them. Always remember to dry your brogues before storing them to prevent mold growth. Additionally, avoid using hard chemicals when cleaning them as they can cause discoloration or damage to the leather.

Storing Your Brogues

Storing your brogues properly is essential to extend their lifespan. After cleaning and polishing, always store them in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area. Avoid storing them in damp or hot areas as this can cause damage to the leather. You can use a shoe horn to prevent any creases or deformities on the upper part of the brogue. Additionally, avoid putting them under heavy objects as this can cause deformities or discoloration. Ideally, use a shoe rack or a shoe box to keep them dust-free and in good shape.

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