What types of socks should be worn with brogues?

What types of socks should be worn with brogues featured

Why socks matter when wearing brogues

Brogues are a versatile shoe option that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. However, one common question that comes up when wearing brogues is what type of socks to wear with them. The type of sock you choose can greatly affect the overall look of your outfit and can also affect the comfort of your feet.

Thin dress socks for a formal look

If you’re wearing brogues to a formal event, such as a wedding or business meeting, it’s best to opt for thin dress socks. These socks will provide a sleek and polished look and won’t add any bulk to your shoes. Choose a sock color that matches your pants or shoes to create a seamless look.

Patterned or colored socks for a casual look

For a more casual look, you can have fun with your sock choice. Consider opting for patterned or colored socks that add a pop of personality to your outfit. Pairing bright socks with brogues is a great way to add a fun and unexpected twist to your outfit.

No-show socks for a sockless look

Some people prefer the look of bare ankles when wearing brogues. If you don’t want your socks to show, no-show socks are a great option. These socks are designed to stay hidden below the shoe line, while still providing a layer of protection and comfort for your feet.

Sport socks for athletic activities

When wearing brogues for athletic activities, such as golfing or hiking, it’s important to choose socks that provide support and comfort. Sport socks are typically made of breathable and moisture-wicking material that will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Look for socks that have extra padding on the heel and ball of the foot for added comfort.

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