Why are pinking scissors called pinking scissors?

Why are pinking scissors called pinking scissors featured

The Origin of Pinking Scissors

Pinking scissors, also known as pinking shears, are a type of scissors with sawtoothed blades. The term “pinking” refers to the cut pattern created by these scissors, which produces a zigzag edge rather than a straight cut. But have you ever wondered why they are called “pinking” scissors?

The Pinked Edge

The history of pinking scissors can be traced back to the late 19th century. At that time, tailor’s shears were used to create a zigzag edge on fabric to prevent fraying. However, these shears were not ideal for the task, as they often left rough and uneven edges.

In 1893, Samuel Briskman, a Russian immigrant living in New York City, invented a new type of scissors specifically designed to create a clean and precise zigzag edge. His invention marked the birth of the pinking shears we know today. The name “pinking” was derived from the scalloping pattern often used in decorative edging, which was referred to as “pinked edge”.

The Fashion Connection

During the early 20th century, pinking scissors gained popularity among dressmakers and seamstresses. The clean and decorative zigzag edge created by these scissors became a fashionable choice for finishing hems, seams, and edges of garments.

The use of pinking scissors in fashion was not only functional but also added a stylish touch to clothing. This newfound trend led to the widespread adoption of pinking scissors in the sewing and fashion industries.

Expanded Applications

Over time, the applications of pinking scissors expanded beyond the realms of fashion. People discovered the benefits of using pinking shears in various crafts, such as quilting, scrapbooking, and paper crafting.

The zigzag edge created by pinking scissors not only prevented fraying in fabrics but also added visual interest to projects. The unique and decorative cut became a staple in craft-making, giving an extra touch of creativity to handmade items.

Modern Uses and Variations

In modern times, pinking scissors continue to serve a variety of purposes. They are still widely used in fashion, especially for creating decorative edges and finishes. Pinking shears are also popular among crafters, as they allow for precise and unique cuts.

While traditional pinking scissors feature a zigzag pattern, there are now various blade designs available, ranging from scallop cuts to wave cuts. These variations give crafters even more options for creating distinctive and personalized projects.

In conclusion, the origin of pinking scissors can be traced back to the need for a clean and precise zigzag edge. The term “pinking” itself was derived from the decorative scalloping pattern known as the “pinked edge”. Since its invention, pinking scissors have found uses in fashion, crafts, and various other applications. Whether you’re a seamstress, quilter, or crafter, pinking scissors remain an essential tool for adding both functionality and style to your projects.

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