Where can I purchase a quality cocktail spoon?

Where can I purchase a quality cocktail spoon featured

Looking for the Perfect Cocktail Spoon? Check Out These Online Stores!

Whether you’re a professional bartender or a home enthusiast, having the right tools can make all the difference when mixing up cocktails. One essential item in any bar kit is a quality cocktail spoon. But where can you find one that’s durable, functional, and stylish?


Amazon is undoubtedly one of the top online retailers for barware, and cocktail spoons are no exception. The site offers a wide selection of spoons, from basic models to more elaborate designs like twisted or spiral handles. Plus, with Amazon Prime, you can enjoy free two-day shipping on many products.

Before making a purchase, check the product descriptions and reviews carefully to ensure you’re getting a high-quality spoon that meets your needs. Some popular brands to consider include Hiware, A Bar Above, and Cocktail Kingdom.


If you’re looking for a dedicated barware store, BarProducts.com might be a good choice. This site offers an extensive range of tools and accessories for bartenders, including dozens of cocktail spoons from various manufacturers.

BarProducts.com also offers a price match guarantee, so you can ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. And if you sign up for the site’s membership program, you’ll receive discounts on your orders and free shipping on all purchases over $99.

Cocktail Emporium

Cocktail Emporium is a Canadian-based company that specializes in unique and high-quality barware. Their selection of cocktail spoons is no exception, with styles ranging from vintage-inspired to modern and sleek.

In addition to spoons, Cocktail Emporium offers a wide range of other bar tools and glassware, making it a one-stop-shop for all your cocktail needs. They also provide flat-rate shipping within Canada and the United States.

Crate and Barrel

For those with a more refined aesthetic, Crate and Barrel offers a selection of stylish cocktail spoons that double as decorative pieces. Their spoons often feature elegant designs and unique materials like marble or brass.

While Crate and Barrel’s prices tend to be higher than some other retailers, the quality of their products is typically top-notch. Plus, with free shipping on orders over $99, you can save on shipping costs.


If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind cocktail spoon, Etsy might be the perfect online marketplace for you. The site features thousands of independent sellers offering handmade and vintage products, including cocktail spoons in a wide range of styles and materials.

When shopping on Etsy, be sure to read the seller’s reviews and ratings carefully to ensure they’re reputable and reliable. You may also be able to find custom or personalized spoon options, making your cocktail tools even more unique.

Whether you’re a professional mixologist or just enjoy crafting cocktails at home, having a quality cocktail spoon is essential. By browsing these online retailers, you can find a spoon that meets your needs, budget, and style preferences.

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