Where can I donate old key chains?

Where can I donate old key chains featured


Keychains are popular souvenirs and gifts that people often accumulate over time. However, these small items can quickly clutter up a home or office. Rather than throwing them away, it is possible to donate old keychains to various organizations. This article will outline different options for donating keychains and provide information on how to do so.

Donate to Charity Organizations

Many charities accept donations of small items like keychains to use as giveaways at fundraisers or events. Examples include the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and local food banks. These organizations often have drop-off locations that make it easy to donate in person. Additionally, some charities may accept mailed donations or even pick up items directly from your home.

Give to Schools or Libraries

Another option for donating old keychains is to give them to local schools or libraries. These institutions may use them for prizes or to label sets of keys for different areas of the building. Contact the school or library directly to inquire about their donation policies and to arrange drop-off or pickup details.

Donate to Arts and Crafts Programs

Arts and crafts programs, such as those run by community centers or senior centers, may accept donations of small items like keychains. These programs may use them for various projects, such as jewelry making or as decorations on other crafts. Reach out to these programs to see if they are accepting donations and to arrange drop-off or pickup details.

Recycling Programs

Finally, it is worth noting that some recycling programs can accept keychains depending on the material they are made of. For example, some plastic recycling programs may accept plastic keychains. Check with your local recycling center or with programs like TerraCycle to see if they accept keychains. Additionally, some sites like eBay or craigslist may have a resale market for novelty keychains or collections.

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